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About us

Broadcasting company GUBERNIYA


The broadcasting company GUBERNIYA is one of the largest media holdings of the Samara Region. Every day more than three million of people due to the work of the broadcasting company learn the latest news via Samarskoe Gubernskoe Televidenie (Guberniya TV channel) & Samarskoe Gubernskoe Radio (Radio Guberniya).


Guberniya TV channel is available in the Samara Region since 2009. It is a fully self-programmed channel. It works as a source of operational, reliable, informative and entertaining content. Key political, economic, social, cultural and scientific issues of the Samara Region are interpreted professionally and objectively. Guberniya TV is a channel broadcasting both on-air and in cable networks. 80 % of the content is produced by local journalists – news (12 releases a day on weekdays), analytics, culture, sports and entertaining shows, powerful documentaries – all in all more than 50 TV-programs. These projects are constantly being awarded on regional, federal and international levels.


In 2017 the broadcasting company GUBERNIYA has won the competition for the right to broadcast in cable networks of the Samara Region on the 21st button (that is the number for local channel on any region of the Russian Federation). GUBERNIYA has received the status of the main regional public TV channel.


Radio Guberniya inherited traditions of the Guberniya TV channel – it is the only regional musical and information radio station with its own 24/7 broadcasting. In November, 2014 Radio Guberniya has been officially started. It is important to mention that 100 % of radio programs are produced in Samara. Together Guberniya TV channel and Radio Guberniya create common information space of the Samara Region.


Today the broadcasting company GUBERNIYA is represented by a young vigorous professional team full of fresh ideas, ready to create new projects. The broadcasting company GUBERNIYA is watched and listened by the whole Samara Region!